roots + streams

roots + streams is a movement inspired and informed by ancient and traditional practices. It is a way of growing with God and with others in our faith, drawing on the wisdom of the past to meet the challenges of the present. It seeks to integrate the sacred and secular aspects of life, bringing a prayerful rhythm and balance to busy days.

Here are some suggestions of how to grow as a Christian. Have a go at one or more of them and do use the links provided to take you further.

A time to pray
Try to set aside a time to pray once a day. You might like to try a form of the Daily Office.

A time to listen
Try to set aside a time of silence to listen to God and to your own heart once a week.

A time to act
Seek to support a cause that promotes justice and/or seeks to alleviate suffering. Seek to treat others, yourself and the planet with gentleness and respect.

A time to grow
Consider setting aside time to practise a form of Christian meditation once a week e.g. Lectio Divina, Imaginative prayer

A time to serve
Seek to be available to others; to pray for them, listen to them and act on their behalf when it is in your power to do so.

A time to be
Seek to set aside time to appreciate the beauty of life in nature, art, literature or in any place where you find it.